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FONDAZIONE AGIDAE LABOR is a non-profit Organisation for Continuing Professional Education, Guidance and Counselling, that is only intended for the esclusive pursuit of social support goals.

Born in 1997 as a “società di mutuo soccorso”, then transformed in Foundation in 2013 by the will of AGIDAE, Associazione Gestori Istituti Dipendenti dall’Autorità Ecclesiastica, in order to promote the professional education of religious people and emplyees that work in the activities of the Congregations and, more in general, Ecclesiastical Organisations.

The Foundation promotes activities and initiatives that favour culture and professionalità regarding work, the growth of business and work categories, supportive and solidaristic economy, social and cultural mediation, comunication tools in the environment of education, the social assistance and sanitary sector, religious institutes and so on.

In more than 25 years, the history of the Foundation has promoted, organized and made thousands of Educational Courses for more than ten thousand religious people and emplyees, becoming an accredited Organisation in regional and national environment.